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Dear Sirs/Madams,
Our company OAK STEEL LIMITED already terminated the association with Ann & Mia & Wynn as of March 2019.

In recently, we found a illegal behavior that someone had forged the similar LOGO of our OAK STEEL LIMITED and deceived our old customers to get the orders. Our company doesn't have the responsibility for the quality problem or any other issues if you directly order from Ann & Mia & Wynn one of them since March 2019.

Please be aware that our company OAK STEEL LIMITED doesn't have any subsidiaries NOW (for example:OAK METALS LIMITED/OAK STAINLESS STEEL LIMITED/OAK XXX LIMITED doesn't belong to our company). Meanwhile, our bank details are the same as before.

Our mail domain suffix should have " xxx@oaksteel.cn", if you have any doubts or questions, please send to the email address: audrey@oaksteel.cn or call the mobile /weChat/whatsApp: +86 13828425691 , thank you.

Please be vigilance if possible to confirm with us before you place the order, because our company can not guarantee the product quality which you directly order from them without our company signature "OAK STEEL LIMITED".

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and thanks for your understanding and support.